Charms & Love was founded to share with the world it’s strong belief that the use of gemstones and charms have a huge impact on the energy that we reflect to those around us and to personal inner goals in life.
When we first meet someone we look at their appearance, as well at what they wear and might even ask them what their necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring symbolize.
Since ancient times charms and gemstones have been used for jewelry and gave them a higher meaning than just a piece of medal.
Gemstones are known for supplying unique properties such as healing, youth, health, good luck and more.
As well so are charms and each individual one has its own meaning rather it’s a spiritual, religious, mother nature or luck.
Our jewelry is handmade, each item has been well thought through by combining these unique components to design some of the most exquisite and meaningful jewelry for men and women.
Every person can find a piece to truly connect and believe in its message to spread around with love.
In order to complete our true belief we have handpicked home d├ęcor crystals as our home is our safe and quiet place and should have as much good energy as possible.
Join our goal by making the world a better place filled with happiness, love and good karma.