Yoga Magic

Each and every day we have our daily difficulties and it’s important to sometimes just stop, take a deep breath to let loose and release all stress.
Yoga has been a natural philosophy to assist health by India since ancient times.
A few of the advantages that it delivers to the body are flexibility, lower blood pressure, drops blood sugar and helps with balance.
When doing yoga it helps to cleanse the mind from troubled thoughts, circulate our blood circulation and put the mind and body at ease. Living a healthy life style is fun as maintaining your own thoughts and energy gives you more control to what to pay attention to and to what not. If you think about it we usually reflect our energy’s to those who surround us, so it’s best for them to be as clean and positive as they can be.

Connect to the Universe

Gemstones have a special importance in Vedic -Astrology as they have been used for age’s releases issues caused upon planets. In historic times only people from upper levels such as kings and queens would wear gemstones upon the recommendations and beliefs of astrologers. In today’s world and fashion gemstones have caught popularity and are worn globally by all. Upon Vedic -Astrology the 9 planets are characterized in 9 unique gemstones.

  • Ruby-Sun
  • Pearl-Moon
  • Coral-Mars
  • Emerald-Mercury
  • Yellow Sapphire-Jupiter
  • Diamond-Venus
  • Blue Sapphire-Saturn
  • Hessonite- Rahu
  • Rahu-Ketu

It’s important to know which planet each gemstone represents as each one of the have their own benefits and healing properties.

Good Karma

We all have heard of the sentence what goes around comes around and some highly believe in this statement as known as karma.
Its definition is a deed that refers to being good or bad, as good deeds impact good karma and happiness in an individual’s future. As for a bad deed acted upon an individual it’ll contribute bad karma and a suffering future.
Carrying out good deeds shall be something from within and not only to receive well deeds back. If you think about it helping another doesn’t only help them but also gives ourselves a satisfaction that cannot be bought.
When one sees one help another if reflects and sends out joy and a message to live by.
Be kind, do good and never forget we are all humans that need help putting ego aside to make the world a better place.